Quentin Hafner

The Root Cause of All Conflict And How to Get Unstuck For Good

At the roots of all interpersonal conflict, are unmet core human needs.  Whether we’re talking about conflict inside the workplace, or we’re talking about conflict at home, it’s always about unmet needs.

Unhealthy conflict is exhausting, draining, and will take the life out of anything good.  I’ve been there, and maybe you have too!?  And there’s no quicker way to end a potentially good relationship, partnership, or team dynamic by not knowing how to manage conflict.

Conflict has been historically misunderstood and wrongly dealt with as a behavioral issue.  Teaching people conflict management skills, or “fair fighting principles” are well intended, but they never get to the heart of conflict, which is deeply emotional, and a foundational part of my counseling and leadership consulting practice.

Addressing conflict or difficult relationships without addressing the emotional component is like showing up to the hospital with a torn off arm and being asked if you wanted to do your routine annual physical while you’re there.

It totally misses what’s necessary and essential to resolve the real problem.

This 30-minute video is a segment of a larger series I use to coach leaders and management teams on how to create more psychological safety amongst their team members; by addressing conflict and difficult people through the lens of unmet core needs.

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I get so excited to share this stuff with people in a corporate context and watch their relationships at work get better instantly.  Also I know they’ll take the information home and it will positively change their marriages and parenting styles in a way that is transformative too.

Please reach out to me if there’s anything I can help you answer about this video or if you’d like my help to improve the relationships that matter most in your life.


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