Quentin Hafner

The Secret to Being Truly Happy as a Successful High-Achiever

In today’s episode, we’re having a conversation with a special friend of mine, John Davidson. 

John is a psychotherapist and happiness coach in the UK, and the owner of Happiness Hacks, an international training program to help people increase their level of happiness.

John and I know a lot about happiness because we both spend nearly all of our waking hours helping people become happier through therapy and coaching.  Me in Newport Beach, and John in the UK.  And we cover some really important ideas in this show that just might help you get happier today!

We talk about:

  1. What are some unique challenges or obstacles to happiness and fulfillment to those that are busy professionals?
  2. Is there a difference between happiness and fulfillment?
  3. There’s so much in the world that promises to make us happy.  More money, new jobs, new relationships, material possessions, etc.  Why don’t these things ever really make us any happier?
  4. What are the secrets that happy people know about happiness, that others don’t?
  5. How can someone listening cultivate more happiness in their lives?


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