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12-Questions You Need to Answer to Architect Your Ideal Life

In order for us to maximize our lives, we have to have a vision for what we’re trying to achieve. We have to have that picture in our mind of where we’re going. I call this My Ideal Life. This vision for something better in the future becomes the emotional activation that propels us to take risks in areas that we’re likely to remain playing it safe. But without risks, we’ll stay right where we are, and rarely will achieve something that we call Ideal.


Businesses stay stagnant because they don’t have compelling visions. Relationships stay stagnant because we don’t have compelling visions. And our personal and professional lives also stay stagnant without compelling visions.

Without a vision of an Ideal Life, we will likely live “good enough” lives, but we will never achieve that Ideal.

Having a vision of the Ideal is the North Star that we can look to know where we are headed. And unfortunately, very few people have one.


6 Common Hurdles that keep People from Pursuing their Ideal Life:

  1. You think other people will judge you, or that you will disappoint others in pursuit of your Ideal Life.
  2. You are worried that you fail in pursuit of your Ideal Life.
  3. The Ideal itself is overwhelming and terrifying. It’s easier to just shut it out.
  4. Achieving this dream might change you. And that scares you.
  5. You’re hoping the Ideal Life “just happens”.
  6. You don’t feel like you deserve to have this Ideal Life.

All of these are understandable and we know that pursuing something great in life isn’t just a matter of “doing it”. There are many limiting beliefs, mindsets, and emotional hurdles that keep people (and businesses) stuck in the “good enough”.


12 Questions to Consider for Casting the Vision for your Ideal Life:

But just for fun, can I invite you to dream for a minute? You don’t have to do anything with the questions below, just read them and take a few minutes contemplating them. Do you feel nervous reading them? Do you feel excited reading them? If you’re at a place in your life and you feel stuck, or you’re in transition, or you’re feeling ready to launch into the 2.0 version of yourself, I’d love for you to first wrestle with these questions.

  1. How do I want to spend my time in my Ideal Life?
  2. How do I want to spend my time at work in my Ideal Life?
  3. How much money do I want to make in my Ideal Life?
  4. What kind of things do I want to spend my money on in my Ideal Life?
  5. How many hours do I want to work in my Ideal Life?
  6. What do I do for fun in my Ideal Life?
  7. What kind of activities will I do to make money in my Ideal Life?
  8. What do my relationships look like in my Ideal Life?
  9. What important hobbies do I want to master in my Ideal Life?
  10. Where do I want to live in my Ideal Life?
  11. What do I want to be remembered for in my Ideal Life?
  12. What will my legacy be in my Ideal Life?

When we look at ultra-successful people, and not just financially successful, but ultra-successful in all facets of their lives, one thing you will always find in each of these people is a clear and compelling vision for an Ideal Life that was relentlessly pursued. Building a great life isn’t easy, but it is available to anyone that wants to pursue it.



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20 questions you need to answer to architect your ideal life

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