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Every High-Performer Needs These Two Types of Relationships

As humans, we are wired for connection. And there is no amount of rugged individualism, status achievement, or wealth accumulation that can ever get around that need. People in leadership positions are no different, and to a certain extent, have a greater need due to the practical and emotional demands of leadership.

In order for leaders to maximize their fullest potential, they need to break out of the trap of isolation that so many leaders find themselves imprisoned in. If you’re lonely at the top, just know there is a way out of it.

There are Two Types of Relationships that Every High-Performer Needs to Fully Maximize Their Greatest Leadership Potential.


Key Relationship #1: We Need an Ally:

The Ally is your trusted confidant. The person you can share your inner most thoughts with, without judgement. The Ally is someone that can be there to celebrate your wins and successes, and also be there when things feel like they’re falling apart. The Ally is the relationship where you don’t have to carry the burdens of leadership on your own. The Ally can help you sort through complex decisions, both personally and professionally.

Do you have an Ally?

Very few high-performers have this type of Allied relationship, and they pay a heavy price for not having one. Leadership is a very difficult road to travel and not have someone shoulder some of the emotional burden with you. Without the Ally, the stresses of leadership get damagingly suppressed. And similarly, without the Ally, the wins of high-performance get skipped over too.

Key Relationship #2: We Need a Life-Team:

A Life-Team is your personal board of directors. It’s the peer group you surround yourself with where you can be open, honest, and fully transparent about everything happening around you. Your Life-Team is ultra-intentional about serving this purpose. They are your true accountability partners in your life, holding you accountable to being your best self. The Life-Team are the people you would entrust your children to in your will – that’s how much you trust them.

Who’s on your Life-Team?

When you have an Ally and you have a Life-Team, you are an unstoppable high-performer; poised for greatness for the long haul.

If you are a high-performer and are interested in developing one, or both of these two types of relationships, please reach out to me here and I can help you get started.


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