Quentin Hafner

The #1 Reason People & Businesses Fail (and what to do instead)

In all my experience coaching small business owners, entrepreneurs and CEO’s, I can tell you the single-biggest factor that results in failure:

It’s doubling-down on a bad decision.

Whether it’s doubling down on a bad decision that is going to destroy your family life, or doubling down on a bad decision that is going to destroy your business life, it’s always the same.

I’ve had many sleepless nights being witness to businesses, families, and careers falling to pieces because someone double-downed on a bad decision that could have been prevented had that person had a Life-Team to help steer the ship away from the ledge.

In life, we are going to make bad decisions and we are going to make mistakes. That’s just the way it goes. But without a Life-Team, we often double-down on those bad decisions and those mistakes. We don’t have clarity and we can’t see the big picture, and often our decision making is emotional and not trustworthy. So instead of making one bad decision and course-correcting, we make two, and three and four bad decisions, until it becomes a crisis that results in failure.

Conversely, I’ve been part of people’s Life-Teams, and people have been part of my Life-Team and together, as a collective group of people that are all rowing in the same direction toward greatness and mutually understood goals and values, we have averted crisis’s together time and again. What I couldn’t see, someone else was able to see. What someone else wasn’t able to see, I was able to see for them.


This is the power of not going it alone. And as you get closer and closer to the top, the stakes for bad decisions get higher and higher. With a powerful Life-Team in your corner, you’re setting yourself up for success on the unstoppable journey.

All of your idols have a Life-Team, so let me ask you:

What’s holding you back from accumulating a Life-Team?

You might be good, but you need a Life-Team to be great.

To reach the unstoppable summit, we can’t do it alone. We have to create a team of people in our lives that will challenge us, encourage us, support us, grow us, stretch us, and hold us accountable to moving in the direction that matters to us.

It is possible to have some level of success on your own and without the intentional surrounding of others, but it is not possible to go to the next level on your own because you have limitations in your thinking, your imagining, and your understanding of what is possible and what you’re capable of. It’s only when you surround yourself with other people who can see for you what you cannot see for yourself, will you make it past plateaus and become unstoppable.

The group of people that intentionally surrounds us, is called our Life-Team. It’s our personal Board of Directors that we intentionally and deliberately appointed to be the council in our lives. Our Life-Team understands the vision, the mission, and provides relational guard rails in our lives to make sure we’re staying on the path we’ve declared important to us.

One key relationship that is part of every Life-Team is a great coach. Different than a mentor or a sponsor who are industry specific, a coach is someone intentionally outside of your specific industry that can help you reach your goals by being a thought partner, a problem solver, and a confidante. A Coach helps you see what you cannot see.

Another key relationship(s) for a Life-Team is to have a group of trusted advisors.  In my practice, I have a high-performer mastermind group that I offer as a resource to driven people as a place to be connected to other like-minded individuals who are wanting to go to big places. 

Are you looking to level-up in building your Life-Team?

If so, I would love to help you start building your own life-changing, Life-Team. Please connect with me here to get started.


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