Quentin Hafner

A Story For All Entrepreneurial Husbands

I recently had a conversation with a good friend looking to hire a business coach next year to help him scale and grow his business.

He has lots of big goals and big ambitions about where he wants to take his business, which is super exciting.

Since I know this friend on a personal level, I also know his marriage is unstable and quite rocky.

So, being the good friend that I am, I asked him if he was also going to hire a relationship coach to help transform his marriage in addition to hiring his business coach?

I reminded him, that all his business ambition was so unlikely to culminate in success with a home life that was in such disarray.

I reminded him that as long as his home-life was challenged….

❌ He wouldn’t have the necessary focus needed to grow his business and he would be distracted…

❌ He wouldn’t have the necessary clarity because his mind would be preoccupied with problems at home…

❌ He wouldn’t have the time freedom to do the work that was required…

❌ And I reminded him that in the end…in a worse case scenario if he got a divorce, it would be so financially devastating that any gains he made with his business would pale in comparison to the economic loss of his marriage not working…

For my friend, he was missing the forest for the trees.

He was myopically focused on one aspect of his life (growing his business), at the expense of the bigger picture (his life holistically).

If we can’t see our lives in totality and holistically, we can easily lose sight of how marching in one direction while neglecting other important domains will end up causing our ruin.

When it comes to creating and building great lives, both personally and professionally, it’s not an either / or proposition, it’s a both / and.

It has to be a both / and.

It’s easy to forget that, marriage, is by far your most expensive relationship and the one you need to invest in the most. Strictly from a logical, rational, and economic perspective, you would be making a costly financial mistake not to invest in your relationship given the mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial costs associated with a teetering marriage.

So, I created this quick little PDF called, 9 Things Great Husbands Get Right, and it’s a quick snapshot on the 9 things you can work to improve next year inside your marriage, WHILE you are ambitiously pursuing all of your business goals.

These 9 ideas are super easy, and with consistent practice, are super learn-able.

And when we learn how to live this way day-in and day-out, marriage becomes easy-peezy…and super smooooooth, allowing you to exponentially reach all your business goals.

Take a look at the 9 ideas in the PDF and figure out which one you need to pay close attention to. And if you’re daring, have a conversation with your partner about it.

If you’re wanting  play an A-game inside your business and an A-game inside your role as husband and father, contact me so we can create a plan for you to achieve that!


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