Quentin Hafner

Are you Building a Ghost Town or Cathedral?

If you see yourself as an ambitious high-performer, you know better than anyone that it takes an incredible amount of effort and drive to get to big places. Especially if you’ve been successful and have achieved many of your goals and aspirations. You’ve likely hustled, you’ve pushed yourself, you’ve been living on the edge, and it has paid off.

But now what?

High-performers have a special capacity to run at very high-levels. Likely a finely tuned Ferrari, you can push a pace that most people aren’t able to and that has its benefits, but it also has its own set of risks. As you probably know, you can only run at that pace so long…

So they question I want you to consider is this:

Can you keep this pace?

If your honest answer to that questions is either, “no“, “probably not”, or “I don’t know“, then I want to suggest that now is the time to hit pause, take stock, rest for a moment, and start thinking about plans for longevity and sustained growth over the long term.

When the Gold Rush brought new Americans to the Western Territories, towns sprang up overnight on the bare prairies. They were hastily knocked together, nearly overnight, by men and women who were full of drive, hustle, living on the edge, eager to claim a future that many people were afraid to dream of.

But most of those towns just died out. People drifted away. They went on to the next place where gold was discovered…

We have the remnants of ghost town today to remind us of get-rich-quick fervor that sank many people…

If you want to build something that lasts, something that will be a legacy long after you are gone, something that stands the test of time, the drive and the ambition are necessary, but so is long term strategic planning.

And this is by far the hardest work for high-performing people to do because it requires us to slow-down and master-plan, when everything inside what’s to just keep moving forward.

You need a blueprint that you can follow to build on the success you have now: a blueprint for a lifetime–and more — of success. You need a strategic approach that includes a network of support and wisdom around you, so you can soar even beyond what you’ve already accomplished on your own.

You’re not building a Wild West Ghost Town.

You’re building a Cathedral that will still be standing ten centuries later.

So let me help you do just that. With nearly 20 years of working with people just like you–achievers, dreamers – I’ve seen what it takes to make success last throughout a lifetime. I am confident that I can help you build a legacy of success and fulfillment that is sustainable over an entire lifetime.


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