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9 secrets of the ultra-successful that no one ever taught me …

Chances are, if you’re anything like me, no one ever taught you exactly what it takes to live a successful life and get everything you want. I didn’t learn how to do this in school, and I certainly wasn’t given any instruction on this growing up as a kid in my family.

What does it take to truly live a life of success and significance?

What is the roadmap we need to follow if we want to truly optimize our lives and live the most significant life possible?

The average person is struggling to make the most of their lives. Not really sure of which direction they should go, or what they should do to give them a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. They make decisions based on criteria that ultimately are not helpful, and so in the end, it’s no wonder average people haven’t truly maximized their life. This is not a judgment of anyone who is living this way – in fact, this is how I spent the great majority of my adult life.

I was doing my best to make good decisions and get ahead in life, but never really landing on that place where I felt I had finally made it to where I wanted to go.

The challenge I had was that I didn’t have a mapI didn’t have a blueprint on what it takes to be successful. So, I just tried what I knew best, and achieved mostly average results. I know now there is a tried-and-true blueprint.

9 Things the Ultra-Successful Do:

1. Ultra-successful people know what they want.

They have a clear vision for the future, clearly mapped out and articulated. They know exactly where they are going, and have tons of clarity around this vision.

2. Ultra-successful people know why they want it.

Not only do they know what they want, they know why they want it, which is they driving purpose. They have a clearly defined “big why” that drives them to pursue incredibly ambitions goals.

3. Ultra-successful people take appropriate risks.

Going to new levels and new heights in life require you to take risks. You can not play it safe, or play “not-to-lose” and become ultra-successful. Ultra-successful people have mastered the limiting beliefs and fears that keep people playing small.

4. Ultra-successful people are focused by saying “no”.

To reach greatness, you’re going to have to prune a lot of unnecessary people, places, and things from your life that are distractions from greatness. We all have the same 24-hours in the day, and ultra-successful people are laser-focused on how they spend their time.

5. Ultra-successful people are “Go-Givers”.

Mastering the art of strategic service, ultra-successful move through the world with a frame of mind looking to serve others, help others, and provide massive value to others. They don’t ask what they can get, they ask how they can help.

6. Ultra-successful people have a Life Team.

Ultra-successful people have surrounded themselves with people who really know them, and hold them accountable. They don’t do life in isolation, because they know this is where the most-costly mistakes are made. They have a Life Team that consists of mastermind groups, mentors, and coaches.

7. Ultra-successful people have their house in order.

Massive professional success will be limited by your personal success. Struggling marriages, failing physical health, and any addictive qualities will sink your ship. Ultra-successful people have their house in order, as they understand it lays the foundation for all other success.

8. Ultra-successful people only do what they love.

When we only have 24-hours in the day, we have to be very picky about doing actives that energize us, and delegating anything else that drains us. By only doing what you love, you become a master tactician at understanding your unique strengths, and spending all you time doing the work that only you can do.

9. Ultra-successful people outwork everyone.

There’s no getting around hard work. And there are no hacks, shortcuts, and quick fixes to the reality that hard work is a prerequisite for success. But with clear goals that in alignment with what you want, and why you want it, it makes hard work so much more enjoyable. Ultra-successful people have discovered this truth and will outwork anyone because of it.

When you get these 9 things dialed in with tons of clarity, nothing can get in your way to achieving greatness.

So how about you?

Are you looking for more success in your life?

Are you looking to level-up to reach new places?

If you feel……

⚡️Stuck and you just don’t know which direction you should go…

⚡️Bored or stagnant and you’ve lost your passion and zest for what you’re doing….

⚡️Alone and isolated like you’re doing it all by yourself….

⚡️Ready to go, and want to grow and produce something amazing at an accelerated rate….

⚡️Frustrated and you’re tired of playing small….

If you’re craving….

✅ More income, money, financial freedom….

✅ More space, time freedom, and flexibility….

✅ More joy, more laughter, and more excitement in your life….

✅ More love and connections….

✅ More enthusiasm, passion, and fulfillment in what you’re doing…..

✅ More growth, more challenge, more up-leveling….

If any of this resonates with you, I’d like to chat with you….

I’m putting together a tiny group of men to do a 9-week coaching mastermind who want to accelerate their growth and master all 9 concepts of the ultra-successful.

If you’d like to join a small mastermind team and learn how to up-level everything in your life, I want to coach you through these 9 pillars of the ultra-successful. Connect with me and we can start a conversation about how to make this a reality for you!



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