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Are You in Control of Your Life…

In the realm of personal and professional coaching I do with my clients, it extends far beyond imparting skills and knowledge. It involves diving deep into the client’s mindset, uncovering underlying fears, and empowering them to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of them architecting their Ideal Life.

The power of a strong mindset cannot be underestimated. It dictates our thoughts, emotions, and actions, significantly impacting our personal and professional lives. As a coach to high-performers, I am beyond certain about the crucial role that mindset plays in achieving and sustaining success.

One of the superpowers I can give my clients is an objective perspective into their lives, combined with psychological expertise, that can illuminate things otherwise not able to see.

My client, Abagail, was in salary negotiations about to start a new job at Morgan Stanley Investment Banking in NYC. In our conversation discussing her salary negations over a few weeks, it went something like this (the condensed version):

Firstly, and on a very practical level, we need to adopt this simple formula for taking back control:​

  1. Identify what really most matters to you.
  2. Establish clear goals around what matters most to you
  3. Create an actionable plan to accomplish the goals
  4. Every-single-day, without exception, work the plan

​This simple formula is the succinct pathway toward regaining control in your life.

If you are not feeling in control of your personal life, your professional life, your relationships, your parenting, your physical health, your wealth, all of it starts with a ruthless commitment to these four steps.

​Secondly, and on a psychological level, to gain a greater sense of control in our lives, we need to develop a new mindset. Developing a new mindset will include rebuilding our thought life, our emotional reactivity, our self-esteem, our self- concept, and the habits we’ve formed, both good and bad, that come from all these elements.

Feeling in control is essential to optimize our lives, and so much of the challenges we experience as humans comes from feeling out of control.

Everything great in life is on the other side of you deciding you want to take back the reigns.

​Imagine for a second…close your eyes and think about this…what would life feel like if you took back control of that nagging thing that feels out of control?  We love helping people figure this out once and for us.  Shoot us a message if we can be helpful to you.


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