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My Personal Top-10 High-performing Habits

Automation: a term coined in the auto production industry in the 1940s, and a phenomenon that has impacted the development of countless industries and careers over the next 80+ years.

Even if you don’t work in manufacturing, automation is an important concept for you to consider, especially when it comes to automating parts of your life that will yield high levels of success.

The idea behind automation is basically taking small repetitive tasks that are vital to the outcome of the end product, and making them reproducible with minimal effort.

So how does this concept impact YOUR life and business? I’ll sum it up in one word:


Habits are the personal version of automation.

If you watch a robot making a car at the GM plant in Michigan, you’ll see the automation happening in perfect harmony. We also need our own version of harmonious automation, and it comes in the way of habits.

I'm sure you've heard the cliche: Show me a man's habits, and I'll show you his success.

In order to create the life or business that matters most to us, we have to master some critical habits. Below is the list of my personal top-10 habits that are automated in my life, like a robot, on repeat, and things I do without thinking about it.

1. HABIT: Morning Routine: I begin and end each day with a consistent routine that includes reading the Bible, reading my declarations, prayer, and reviewing goals. My morning routine grounds me to begin my day with a clear mind and full heart.

2. HABIT: Organize the day: Each day, I pick 3 things that I am going to accomplish, and I do nothing more, and nothing less. This keeps me focused and accomplished, and moving toward my big goals.  I always do the hardest of the three things first.

3. HABIT: Physical Health: I plan meals in advance for the week, so I never have to think about what I’m going to eat for each meal. I have important decisions to make throughout the day, the last things I want to expend mental calories on is what I’m going to eat. I also move my body for at least an hour every single day.

4. HABIT: Time Blocking: My day is a giant series of time-blocked events for specific tasks. I even time-block spending time with my kids. We’ve learned that multi-tasking doesn’t work and time-blocking keeps me present and focus.

5. HABIT: Learning: I dedicate time everyday (time-blocked) to read something in an area I am trying to grow in. Right now, I am reading a ton on selling and storytelling.

6. HABIT: Delegation: Delegation has to become a habit, or else you’ll drown in a long, never-ending to-do list. I have a virtual admin assistant, a virtual marketing assistant, and a team of coaches that I can hand things off to.

7. HABIT: Go-giving: I commit to meeting someone new every week and wondering how I can serve them. This habit is centered around my core value for giving back. I ask for introductions, I cold email people, and today, I DM’d someone I found interesting on Instagram and we set up a zoom call. I want to see how I can help him. The unintended consequence of this habit is that I have a great network.

8. HABIT: Family Relationships: I recently posted on Instagram about a 1:1 trip my son and I took. One of my success habits is scheduling regular 1:1 time with my wife, and my two sons. I also have the habit of telling my kids every single day, “I love being your Dad“.

9. HABIT: Aliveness: Yes, you need to make feeling alive a high-performance habit. What is the point of living if you stop having fun and stop feeling alive? I work with so many entrepreneurs who stopped living, it breaks my heart. I get my sense of aliveness in BJJ when someone 250 lbs. is trying to strangle me, and I train 4 times per week. It’s a habit that makes me feel like a kid again wrestling with my big brother.

10. HABIT: White-space: I prioritize self-care around mental clarity, and finding solitude. Everyday, I create space in my calendar to sit and think, and to do nothing, which is actually doing so much. You need this more than you know. The world is boarding you with stimulus, you have to make it a habit to create space to organize your thinking.

These are my top-10 habits.  Feel free to borrow them or create better ones that work for you. The success in habit formation lies in consistency.  And the more you can automate your habit formation, the more consistent you’ll become. Start by focusing on one habit at a time, gradually automating it until it becomes second nature.

Over time, these habits will not only propel your occupational success, but will also contribute to a more rewarding and fulfilling personal life. Because what’s the point of building an empire in your entrepreneurial journey, if you’re not enjoying the ride.

That’s Business 101!


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