Quentin Hafner

Will You Dare to be a Dreamer?

Successful people know how to stay one step ahead. They know how to analyze the opposition, read the market trends, anticipate changes ahead, and adapt as necessary to survive and grow.

I bet that’s old news for you, but I want to talk to you today about the irony of getting TOO focused on staying only ONE step ahead….

Even the most driven people can make the mistake of getting too caught up in the here and now, in the day-to-day grind and what’s just ahead– forever chasing that carrot that’s just a little bit out of your reach. Forever looking to the next thing right in front of you.

Task lists and check lists to make us feel like we’re moving forward.

But I want to remind you that your long-term continued success depends on your ability to see not just what’s directly in front of you, but the big, out of reach picture of your future you can barely conceive of yet.

The dream that comes to mind only when you pause to think about what you really want your life to look like. When was the last time you dreamed about a future like this?

The dream that makes you catch your breath and wonder if you should dare to think so selfishly about what would make you so incredibly happy.

If you sat down to plan your dream house, you don’t start with a list of supplies you’ll need, right? You start with the vision of the house you want to live in, and then you imagine that home coming to life.

Then as that house begins to take shape in your imagination, you begin to create a blueprint that will nail down all those details.

This is how we want to do our life too….not forgetting to get out of the weeds of the day-to-day, and remembering to dream.

Please listen to this: You can’t truly know the next right step to take in your daily decisions, if you lose sight of the breathtaking dream of the life you really want.

Wherever you’re at today, I want you to ask yourself:

What dreams for my future do I need to spend time dreaming about today?

Connect with me if you’re tired of not dreaming and wanting to go to the next-level.


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