Quentin Hafner

Failing Your Way to the Top

Have you made it to the top? Are you on your way to the top?

Everywhere you look, the evidence supports you’re doing well. You know your worth, and you aren’t afraid to ask for what you want and drive hard to achieve it. People are looking to you for answers and solutions.

You’ve probably lived with this level of success long enough to get pretty accustomed to it and to enjoy the perks of the growth you’ve attained.

But. A word of warning here…

Don’t get so comfortable with your status quo that you aren’t willing to take the risks necessary for continued success and personal growth.

One of the few things that can halt you in creating the life of your dreams is ceasing to dream and strive, which always includes risk of failing. Just like water that isn’t flowing freely, a life that isn’t growing and moving begins to stagnate.

I suppose it’s understandable that you might hesitate to risk failing in pursuit of future success when you already have so much of what you want. But if that’s the way you are thinking about it, I assure you: you’re thinking about failure the wrong way.

Failing is necessary for success.

Failing is a VITAL PART of success.

If you have a fear of failure, what you are actually picturing is catastrophic failure.

You may be telling yourself that failure necessarily means the complete loss of everything you’ve gained. You might be thinking that what you have achieved so far is “good enough” and better than ending up back at zero if you overreach.

But this kind of life-ending, catastrophic failure is actually extremely rare.

Especially for people who have your level of life experience under their belt.

Realistically, “failure” in the context of your continued search for growth is going to be a temporary setback. Momentary discomfort. It might necessitate a change in direction, or tactic. It might even mean eating a little humble pie, or letting someone else take the lead for a period of time.

It might mean you need to take some time to problem-solve, or find a mentor who can share their own experiences with you.

But in the end, failure is always a learning process.

Everything you attempt and fail teaches you something about yourself, your industry, your teammates, your relationships, and the world at large.

Be bold in your risk-taking, don’t get comfortable in your status quo, and go on failing your way to greater and greater heights!  If risk-taking feels scary for you, but you know you need it to get to the next life in life or business, let’s connect.



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