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Get Your House In Order: Success and Relationships

You can often pick a successful person out of the crowd by the exterior indicators: the bespoke suit, the flashy sports car, the multi-million dollar home… There is no shame in being proud of your success and allowing the world to see that, of course!

But unfortunately, far too often, those successful exteriors cover an internal reality that is much more chaotic and unhappy.

People who are driven to achieve, but unfortunately have bought into an ideal of a Lone Ranger type, is often isolated and disconnected from rich and meaningful relationships.

Everyone at the end of this path says the same thing:

I have it all, but I have nothing.

Most models for success are just about guaranteed to leave you isolated, unhappy, and unable to fully enjoy the life you worked so hard to achieve.

Why is that? Well because, most models of success leave zero run for healthy relationships in addition to success. Most models of success are in spite of healthy relationships.

Not only that, but “going it alone” will actually limit what you are able to achieve.

So, let me ask you, is your gorgeous home with mountain views full of broken relationships, lonely evenings, and long silences?

Do you have anyone to take on lazy Sunday afternoon drives in that flashy sports car?

Are you wearing that bespoke suit like a suit of armor to cover up the reality of an empty heart?

Is any of it worth it?

If that’s the case, I want to challenge you to get your house in order NOW, before you turn your attention to the next career goal.

Learn to communicate clearly, study conflict resolution, understand your needs, go to counseling with your loved ones: whatever it takes to strengthen those relationship foundations.

The building can only go as high as the strength of the foundation allows.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you can do this success journey alone. Don’t make the mistake of prioritizing exterior symbols of success over state the interior of your inner and relational world.

I can assure you that every moment invested in building healthy relationships with the people in your life that matter most will pay huge dividends in your success potential.

It’s both / and, not either / or.  I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs level-up their personal relationships, and if you need some help in this area, shoot me a message. 

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