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The Secret To Winning Races in Life and Business

In the fast-paced world of rally racing, a driver blasts through unpredictable terrain, facing twists, turns, and unexpected challenges at every corner. It’s a thrilling yet perilous sport, where split-second decisions can mean the difference between success and a catastrophic crash. In this high-stakes environment, the presence of the copilot is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity for survival.

The roar of the engines, the sound of gravel shooting out from under the tires, the adrenaline coursing through veins — rally racing embodies the essence of living on the edge. Imagine driving as fast as possible through narrow mountain passes, dense forests, on edges of steep cliffs, and unforgiving deserts, all while pushing a high-performance machine to its limits. 

Rally racing is a symphony of controlled chaos — a dance between man and machine in an ever-changing environment. The driver, cocooned in the cockpit, faces a myriad of literal life and death challenges and decisions that are not for the faint of heart.  It’s a high stakes game, with high stakes rewards for those who like to live on the edge.

This is rally racing; one of the most exciting forms of car racing on the planet!



Much like rally racing, high-performance living both personally and professionally demands intense focus, the ability to quickly adapt to changes in the environment, and the ability to navigate unexpected twists and turns with clarity and objectivity. What is often not understood by casual spectators of rally racing, is how the success of the driver is totally dependent on the copilot.

Rally racing, unlike any other racing sport, has a driver and a copilot.  Because the car is moving so fast through so many unexpected oncoming hazards, the survival of the driver depends on the 2nd set of eyes of the copilot.

When people ask me about the life-changing power of coaching and consulting, I usually tell them about rally racing because it’s the perfect analogy for coaching. Coaching is copiloting in the high stakes game of life and business where the 2nd set of eyes is not a luxury, but a necessity if you want to succeed.

The Copilot’s Role in Rally Racing


Map and Controls:

In the rally car, the copilot manages the map and controls, guiding the driver through uncharted, and most often, perilous territory. Similarly, coaching and consulting provides direction, helping individuals chart a course through the uncertainties of life. The coach provides a map, and becomes the compass of objectivity. 

Anticipating Danger:

Much like the copilot in the rally car scans the horizon for potential dangers, a coach has the foresight to see hazards before they manifest. The ability to anticipate and communicate potential problems is a crucial aspect of rally racing, and for coaching. Coaching is about helping people anticipate potential pitfalls in life and business, and guiding them through any present adversities.

Providing Clarity:

Rally racing courses are a complex maze, and for the driver to successfully find his or her way to the finish line can be daunting. A coach, like the rally car copilot, brings clarity to the chaos. The driver of the rally car can only be as good and as fast as the collaborative relationship with the copilot.  Similar to coaching, the success of high-performing individuals is only as good as their relationship to their coach as they navigate through the labyrinth of choices.

Navigating Transitions:

Life, much like a rally race, presents all sorts of different terrains and transitions. From smooth highways to rocky paths to dense forest to icy mountain passes, a coach helps individuals navigate these changes with grace and purpose. As the rally car copilot safely and quickly guides the driver through various terrains, so does the coach in the life of the client. 

Learning from Setbacks:

In the world of rally racing, setbacks are inevitable. The rally car copilot analyzes mistakes and offers insights for improvement. Likewise, a coach helps individuals learn from their setbacks, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. It’s a process of reflection, adjustment, and continuous improvement that otherwise is very unlikely to happen without an intentional relationship built for clarity and objectivity such as coaching.

Motivation and Encouragement:

Rally racing is not just a physical challenge; it’s a mental and emotional gauntlet. The rally car copilot has to keep the driver motivated and encouraged, always fostering a mindset in the driver of determination. In coaching, the emotional support provided by a coach becomes the stabilizing force for continued growth and success. Just like a rally racing copilot, the coach becomes the voice of belief, confidence, and encouragement, even when everything is quite pessimistic.

John, a client of mine and a high-powered executive facing burnout, sought the guidance of a coach to navigate the complexities of where to go next in his career. With having a coach as his copilot, John successfully navigated a transition to something more fulfilling, steering through challenges with newfound certainty, and clarity about the future.

Mary, a client of mine and an aspiring entrepreneur, turned to coaching to chart her course in the high-pressure competitive business landscape of a software startup. With the coach as her copilot, Mary was provided a strategic roadmap that launched her venture with ease and grace as she developed a totally new mindset.

These success stories underscore the necessary and transformative power of coaching, much like a copilot ensuring a triumphant rally race.

In the whirlwind of life’s twists and turns for high-performers, coaching is as essential to an individual’s success as the copilot is essential to the success of the rally car driver. Just like the rally car copilot, coaching provides the roadmap, clarity for what’s next, the warning against pitfalls, the emotional and mindset support, and the collaboration needed to navigate unpredictable terrain. 

As you weave through your own treacherous mountain passes of life’s race, I want you to ask yourself, who is your copilot?  Or are you trying to drive the car solo?

Just like a professional rally racer would never race without the copilot, consider making this year you add a copilot to your life so you can drive faster and drive safer.


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