Quentin Hafner

Who Do You THINK You Are?

Everything you’re able to accomplish in life ultimately flows out of the deepest, most ingrained sense of WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE.

Oftentimes individuals don’t have a conscious understanding of their deepest self identity. It is usually formed through our early childhood experiences and, gone unchallenged or addressed, will go on to determine the course of our lives: careers, relationships, successes, and failures.

How can something you have no control over determine your entire life? Does that seem kind of depressing and fatalistic?

Well, even if that deep self identity is formed before you have the kind of autonomy and self awareness to control it, that doesn’t mean that you have no ability to determine how you want it to impact you NOW.

The truth is that every person has an opportunity for “belief-examination”; to dig deep and confront the beliefs, mindsets, thought patterns, and identities that might be holding them back.

Once you become aware of these mental states, and intentional about reforming them, every single place in your life or your business where you feel stuck can be transformed.

This is the best news outside of The Gospel.

Millions of people who are capable of world-shattering greatness never reach their full potential because they never get their minds right. They doubt their capabilities, and the value contribution they could create. They let fear of something old hold them in shackles. They are held hostage by hostile and condemning thoughts coming from within themselves that keep people from becoming Unstoppable.

The thing is, in order to get “unstuck” we have to master our thought life and the internal dialogue that tells us whether or not we are good enough, capable enough, smart enough, strong enough, or any other version of “enough”. We have to reshape our identity, take back control from the circumstances and voices of our past, and intentionally rebuild an inner voice that will propel us towards the summit we want to gain.

So ask yourself this question: “Who do you think you are?”

Because I could think you are one of the most amazing humans walking the planet, but at the end of the day, it’s only who you think you are that really matters for becoming Unstoppable.


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