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4 Easy Ways to Develop More Self-Confidence

Getting noticed is an important step towards success. And of all the personal traits that can bring you the right kind of attention, self-confidence might be the most effective.

Self-confidence is essential for standing out from your competition. People who exude self-assurance create a lasting impression. It’s that “secret sauce” that makes an individual greet every situation and problem with a grin and a little bit of swagger– something everyone responds positively to.

We all love it. We all want it. But few have it.

So if you are reading this and thinking, “How do I get there? How do I get some of this secret sauce for myself?”

I have 4 easy tips for you that you can start today.

First, get to know yourself. Make a list of all your strengths and your assets. Ask other people too what they see as your greatest strengths. Be honest about your accomplishments, celebrate your skills, and don’t be hesitant to talk about what you’ve achieved. No one likes a braggart, of course, but don’t downplay your contributions. When you embrace your unique qualities, other people notice and pay attention.

Second, make sure you are setting very concrete and tangible goals. Be intentional about your goal setting process based on this honest assessment of yourself. Break down those big dreams into bite-sized chunks and celebrate each little victory you achieve along the way. Taking notice of each small accomplishment will keep your attention focused on your progress, your mindset engaged with the momentum you’re creating, and you’ll begin to stand out as someone who’s a doer.

Accomplishing even the smallest goals will dramatically boost your self-confidence.

Third, never stop learning and upgrading your skills. Dive into workshops, courses, and books to expand your knowledge. Volunteer for every new opportunity that matches your growing skill set. The more you are learning and growing, and the more you are experiencing, the more self-confident you’ll feel. When people stop growing, their self-confidence starts sinking.

What skill development could you start today, that if you perfected over the next year, would dramatically alter your life for the positive?

And lastly, fall in love with failing. See setbacks for exactly what they are; as opportunities for growth and learning. Keep a positive mindset and use challenges as stepping stones to reach your version of success. Your resilience and determination through failures will make you a standout amidst your peers as someone who’s supremely self-confident and capable of failing.

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Failing Your Way To The Top

The more failure I can experience, the more I know that big expansion is just around the corner, and so for this reason, I look for ways to fail every single day in my life.

There’s something in your life that you could move toward right now, but you’re not, because you have a fear of failure around it. Whatever that is, that is the thing you should move toward today.

Self-confidence is a muscle we build and develop over time, and the more we can embrace these 4 habits to grow in self-confidence, this positive feedback loop will reinforce your view of yourself as competent, capable, and self-trusting. And the more you see yourself this way, the more the people around you will, too. And the more success you’ll experience.

Life is too short to let a lack of self-confidence keep us from reaching our potential – it’s worth pursuing today!

Cheers to doing big things, confidently!

I help people get absolute clarity on what matters most, and achieve everything they want in life and business If you’re wanting to level-up your life or your business and start playing an A-game, please just respond to this email and we can start a conversation on how to make that a reality for you.


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