Quentin Hafner

No Matter Where You’re At, We All Need A Guide

If you’ve been getting my emails for a while now, and we haven’t spoken in person yet, then I’d like to chat with you today.

Are you one of these 3 people?

Person #1: Are you just starting out on your small-business journey? Are you full of ambition and big ideas, energy, dreams, and drive? Have you been thinking, “One day I’ll be far enough along to hire a coach. Once I make it further, then I’ll need someone to help me…”

I’ve been there. And my biggest regret at this stage of my journey was not realizing I needed a coach here more than ever before.

Person #2: Or maybe you are in the steady slog of mid-career. Maybe you’ve started to see some of the payoffs from all the work you’ve put in along the way. But maybe you’re burnt out and wondering if it’s all worth it. Maybe you are telling yourself, “I don’t have time to focus on myself right now– I need every second just to manage my calendar and get back to my flood of emails….”

I’ve been there too. And I regret slogging through this stage on my own for years before I realized I couldn’t do it on my own anymore.

Person #3: Or maybe you have achieved everything you ever wanted. Maybe you are standing at the top, looking around and wondering, “Well… now what?” Maybe you are realizing that you haven’t dreamed big enough yet and you aren’t sure where to go next. Or maybe you’re wondering what is next for you…

I’ve been there too. And I’ve regretted not hiring a coach sooner to help me see what I couldn’t see…


12 Questions You Need to Answer to Architect Your Ideal Life

Whichever of these three people you are, or any number of other situations you may find yourself in, let me assure you of one really critical thing:

Having an experienced and objective voice speaking directly into your life or business is going to exponentially fast-track your success. No matter what stage of the journey you are in, a guide who has traveled the way before you is the highest-value resource that will accelerate you to the next level.

I am sure you would never take off on a week-long backpacking trip without a map or a guide, but yet how often can we do life without a map or a guide? I have made the mistake of wandering the forest, only to finally get a hold of a map in the way of a coach, and realize, “If I only had this map sooner…”

I’m here, and I’m ready to get started whenever you are.

What are you waiting for?

I help people get absolute clarity on what matters most, and achieve everything they want in life and business. If you’re wanting to level-up your life or your business and start playing an A-game, please just respond to this email and we can start a conversation on how to make that a reality for you.


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