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Winners are Focused. Losers are Distracted

Your world is filled with distractions– some fun, some distressing, either way, they are always present and constantly demanding that you pay attention to ‘this now’.

It takes a disciplined mind to stay focused on a task or goal at hand in the face of life’s distracting barrage of stimulus. In fact, the discipline you have to stay focused on the most important things is the single biggest predictor of the success you’ll attain in life and business.

Said another way, your ability to filter out distractions and be disciplined enough to stay in the present moment has a direct and measurable effect on everything in your life, from making money, to being a good parent.

All of success in life boils down to an ability to be present.

Think about it for a minute… Think about the ripple effect of small moments of inattention…and the missed opportunities to create the life and be the person that matters most instead.

Distractions are costly. Not just on a financial level, but on an emotional and quality of life level too. When we’re distracted and lacking discipline to be focused, here’s what we miss:

No Deep Work: Distractions lead to zero productivity in our most meaningful efforts; deep work. Being distracted makes it impossible to complete anything important, truly. If you’ve ever had a desire to create something magnificent, it requires massive presence of mind.

Lack of Clarity: When you’re constantly distracted, your ability to make sound decisions for what is most important, is compromised. You will struggle to assess situations, weigh pros and cons, and choose the best course of action, which almost always leads to regret.

Decision Fatigue: When we’re constantly being distracted, we’re simultaneously constantly having to make, and remake lots of decisions. This burns precious mental calories and leaves us exhausted, burnt out, and taps our creativity and ambition. Distractions wear us down, as where focus gives us energy.

So how do we stay more focused, to keep distractions from wreaking havoc in our lives?


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5 Things That Will Help You Become a King of Focus:

Ruthlessly Protect Your Time: You should be setting aside time everyday where people have no access to you. No email, no phone, no texting. Nothing. If you allow other people unbridled access to you, you will never develop the presence of mind necessary for greatness. Deep work and focus can only come by protecting your most precious asset; your time.

Set Bulls-Eye Precision Goals: When you are super clear on your goals and big objectives, it makes it so much easier to stay focused. People that are easily distracted rarely have clarity on where they are going and what they are trying to achieve. **Goals have to be written down to be effective. If they are not in writing, they are not goals, only dreams.

Create Boundaries like a Boss: If you don’t have strong boundaries, the world will impede on your life. You need to have great boundaries. Setting boundaries and expectations will reduce external distractions. Your most important boundary is the word “no”. If you’re not comfortable disappointing others, you’ll struggle saying “no” and suffer the results of little focus and presence of mind.

Don’t Do It Alone: Share your desire for more focus and presence of mind with others in an accountability system. If you don’t have anyone to report to on your progress with creating more focused time, you’ll likely not create it. Invite other people into your desire to level-up. We accomplish goals with 500% more success when we have accountability.

Bore Yourself With A Routine: Highly successful people live super-routined lives with tons of structure. That’s how they can accomplish so much. No decision fatigue. No confusion. Everyday, and every moment is already pre-built into a routine so they can focus and do deeper work. It’s not sexy, but it’s an essential ingredient for a highly successful life.

Disciplining yourself against distractions can be challenging, but it’s essential for creating the life you want. All the greats in life who accomplished remarkable things, were all great at getting, and keeping focused. Remember that discipline against distractions is a skill that takes time to develop. Be patient, be kind to yourself, and stay persistent.

Need help with getting focused? I can help you get the clarity you need to achieve your goals.


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