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The one thing holding you back from more wealth

The funny thing about making a lot of money is that it’s wildly overcomplicated. If you scan books on Amazon about making a lot of money you’ll see loads of books on how to invest, manage your money, develop multiple streams of income, retire early, etc. These books certainly have their place, and can be of great value for someone wanting to get into the nuts and bolts of financial management.

But what’s missing in these books is an articulation of the kind of person you need to be, to create a lot of money. It’s the WHO behind the WHAT.

Specifically, becoming someone WHO is not afraid.

What gets missed in most books about income and wealth generation are the fundamental truths about certain character development, especially around addressing and eliminating fear, that lead to massive amounts of success and the creation of financial abundance.

I was at Starbucks recently and a young gal helping me with my order defied everything we all know about Starbucks. She was bright, attentive, polite, smiled, and ended our interaction with a “I hope you have a great day”. I almost had to pinch myself to see if what was happening was real. Especially at Starbucks.

This young lady won’t stay at Starbucks very long. She’s going to be fast tracked on a rocket ship to the financial moon, just because she is already learning how to separate herself from her fear-based peers.

In my work with high-performing entrepreneurs, I am always showing them how addressing these subtle, but hidden layers of fear are affecting their bottom line. I can show them because they are so easily missed, because they are too elementary.

But they are not elementary at all, they are actually everything when it comes to wealth creation. Here are some examples of the types of fears that show up in people’s lives that keep them from financial expansion:

  •  Fear of being too much
  •  Fear of losing relationships
  •  Fear of being seen poorly
  •  Fear of being too small
  •  Fear of not knowing
  •  Fear of listening to God’s voice
  •  Fear of rejection
  •  Fear of losing control
  •  Fear of embarrassment
  •  Fear of competition
  •  Fear of owning your purpose
  •  Fear of getting taken advantage of
  •  Fear of being too powerful

It’s only and always these types of fears that are holding you back from more, not only in wealth creation, but in every area of your life that matters importantly to you.

In my upcoming book, Go Next-Level, I dive deeply into this concept and help readers identify the underlying fears that are keeping them from creating the life and business of their dreams.

If you’d like a roadmap on how to create more financial abundance in your life, join the pre-order list for my new book!

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