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Aren’t You Tired of “Good Enough”?

Aren’t you tired of living in the land of “good enough”.

The place of “good enough” is the place where most men work so hard to get to, only to die here living lives of quiet desperation. Not a physical death necessarily, but a death of the soul. A death of self-respect. In the land of “good enough”, dreams are buried and highest callings are forgotten. Aspirations of the most meaningful accomplishments are relinquished.

I personally hate the term, “good enough”, because it’s a term that allows for the average version of ourselves, not the truest version. To be doing “good enough” is the 70% version of ourselves has so much more life to live, and so much more love to give.

A friend and I were talking recently about both our physical health and fitness journeys, a place where I have lived in the land of “good enough” for my entire life. I was explaining to my friend that my biggest obstacle to my optimal physical health was the fact I was lazily comfortable in the land of “good enough”.

I was complacent here. There wasn’t anything horribly wrong with this 70% version of myself that motivated me to the next-level.

But deep down, way down at a soul level, I know I am not happy here. I know I would prefer to have a much more optimized physical body. My soul knows this and it nags me often, asking me when I am going to be honest with truest self and admit that 70% is a failing sub-par version of my truest myself.

In this conversation, my friend told me that I should be kinder to myself and see that I was actually doing “pretty good“. I explained to my friend that I finally love myself enough to be honest with myself. I only do harm by wasting days away not living to my truest full potential, deluding myself that I’m content with the 70%. I’m not. And neither is my friend. And neither are you.

Truth, spoken with love, is the ultimate act of kindness.

I can’t help but think how many of us live in the land of “good enough” 70%, out of alignment with our deepest, and truest selves.

❌ 70% “good enough” businesses

❌ 70% “good enough” marriages

❌ 70% “good enough” spiritual lives

❌ 70% “good enough” physical fitness

❌ 70% “good enough” mindset and mental health

Now, if you feel like you’re crawling out of a challenging time in your life, sometimes, reaching the 70% feels like a huge accomplishment. If that’s you, bravo! But I’m talking to the person who’s resigned himself to mediocrity in the land of ease and comfort in the 70% version of himself.

I’m talking to the person, who knows, at a soul-level, they need to go all-in, but they are holding back.

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At this point in my life, I am only interested in going all-in. Pursuing the 100% optimal version of my truest self. This is not about being performative. This is not performance-based self-worth. This is my self-worth being aligned with my truest self. And my truest self is the all-in 100% version.

This is my highest and most aspirational self …. waiting for me to step into it.

Because what I believe about pursuing the 100%, and not being complacent in the 70%, is that God’s perfect design for our mind, body, and souls lives in the land of 100%. It’s an all-in version of every aspect of life.

Many people are driven by fear to get to the 70% version in their life, whether it’s the 70% version of their business, or of their marriage, or their spiritual life. But then when they reach that complacent and “safe” plateau in the land of 70%, and no longer being driven by fear, they lose their motivation to continue climbing.

And they get stuck here on the plateau of 70%, rotting and wasting days away.

When we live in the land of “comfort” on the plateau of 70%, this is what life starts to look like:

⏳ We are filled with fear and anxiety about losing the safety of the 70%

⏳ We are afraid of the necessary suffering required to get to 100%

⏳ We hoard material possessions and money that gives us false sense of security that the land of 70% is safe

⏳ We lose our deepest purpose and stop feeling on fire for something bigger than ourselves

⏳ We get physically unfit and start to suffer from the glutinous lifestyle of 70%

⏳ We get detached from our need for God at 70%

⏳ We pursue marriage and parenting with a numbness, forgetting the eternal implications of such relationships

A lot of friends like to speak of perfection being the enemy of progress, but the opposite is also true. Progress is the enemy of perfection. Settling for 70% at the expense of 100%. Settling for half of you, and the cost of all of you.

I believe the devil lives on this 70% plateaued version of people’s lives, convincing them to stay certain that the 70% version of themselves is just fine.

“Why rock the boat”, the devil whispers, “It’s good enough right here”.

So how do we move from the trap of comfort in the land of 70%, to the truest version of ourselves in pursuit of the 100%?

We do things:

1. We create a powerful and compelling vision for our lives. In my new book, Go Next-Level, I refer to this as architecting your ideal life. We can’t reach the all-in version until we paint a convincing picture of what all-in looks like.

2. We learn to love suffering. Because this is the thing about life; you will have to suffer. You just have to decide if you want your suffering to bring you glory, or do you want your suffering to bring you demise.

You will suffer in the trappings of comfort in the land of “good enough”. You will feel restless, discontent, and disappointed in yourself. That is a money back guarantee. The human spirit is a remarkable thing; never satisfied until fully its truest self.

Or you can love yourself enough to embrace loving suffering in pursuit of your highest self. You will have to make sacrifices and forsake the ease and comfort of the 70% version of yourself.

But one suffering will lead to victory, and one suffering will lead to regret. In my eyes, there’s only one that makes sense.

If you find yourself living in the land of the 70% version of your true potential in any important area of life, and you know deep down that you don’t belong there, please consider getting a copy of my new Amazon.com Best-selling book, Go Next-Level Book.

My promise is that this book will shake things up for you.


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