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Why “Being Nice” Isn’t a Compliment for Husbands

We’ve all been taught since we were little boys that “being nice” was the way to go.

That “being nice” was the higher road.

Conventional wisdom and even other marriage counselors suggest “being more nice” as a way to improve your marriage or relationship.

“If you were just nicer, things would be better” they say….

I want to share with you quickly 3 reasons WHY this is absolutely the wrong strategy for being a better husband and having a great marriage, AND 3 things to do instead: Continue reading

The Things We Fight About Are Never The Things We’re Fighting About

I have a weekly training series for husbands and wives where I send out new content every week to keep their marriages amazing.

It’s aptly called, Black Belt Husbands Weekly Training and Black Belt Wives Weekly Training. (no points for creativity)

For this week’s training for the guys, I talked about how we need to see through the fog of the topics we fight about to their real meaning, which is ALWAYS an emotional issues tucked below the surface.  The real reason for the fight.

And 3 easy steps to make that happen.

If you’re a husband and want to get in on the weekly training, click here.  If you’re a wife and would like to get in on it, click here.





Divorce Survival Guide

Did a really cool podcast with Kate Anthony  last week. The focus of the podcast was a Divorce Survival Guide.

We tried to talk about how people make the decision to divorce and then we got totally derailed into some great conversation about the difference between men / women, how to get people to get help for marriage struggles, and whole bunch of other stuff.

Kate Anthony is a relationship coach for women who are on the fence in their marriage and she’s super insightful into this difficult period of contemplating divorce. Continue reading

What Your Man Really Wants for Father’s Day

With father’s day just around the corner, I know it’s going to be tempting to buy your man that set of BBQ grilling utensils or that expensive bottle of whiskey, but I want you to consider something that he will enjoy immensely more than any of those traditional gifts.

Instead of buying him something “traditionally masculine”, would you be open to committing to truly honoring his masculinity in how you interact with him?

We men are not complicated creatures – we are very simple. Continue reading