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What Your Man Really Wants for Father’s Day

With father’s day just around the corner, I know it’s going to be tempting to buy your man that set of BBQ grilling utensils or that expensive bottle of whiskey, but I want you to consider something that he will enjoy immensely more than any of those traditional gifts.

Instead of buying him something “traditionally masculine”, would you be open to committing to truly honoring his masculinity in how you interact with him?

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9 Rules for the Modern Husband

Being a great husband isn’t hard, despite what we hear in pop-culture. I really dislike it when people talk about how much “hard work” is involved in marriage, because a relationship done well, is smooth like butter.

Relationships are not supposed to feel like a arduous endeavor that we simply have to endure. If that’s how we feel, something is very wrong.

However, what makes it “hard” for many people is that they are playing by a set of rules that don’t work anymore. Continue reading

Has Your Marriage Fallen Into The “Friend Zone”?

By the time many couples show up to couples therapy, their relationship mirrors more of a cohabiting partnership, rather than a passionate marriage.

Most of the partners in these relationships don’t hate each other, but they’re bored, they’ve lost interest and their relationship looks a little too much like brothers and sisters.

Although these couples are married, and they’ve entered the “friend zone” and their “friendliness” can be the poison pill in their relationship.
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The Unrealistic Expectations for The Modern Husband

The 21st century seems to be a confusing time for many men. Many men are lost as to what their roles are supposed to be in the world at large and on the home front. Things were simpler in years past when roles and expectations of the husband were more clearly defined. Husbands of the past were generally expected to do three things good enough:

  1. Make money to support your family.
  2. Try not to hit your kids too much.
  3. Don’t get too drunk on the weekends.

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