If you’re wondering what it might be like to work with me, please take a look at what some of my other clients have said about working together.

“My husband and I had a great experience with Quinn. He was very willing to work with our tricky schedule and always prompt when getting back to us. From our time with him we learned so much about ourselves, our families, and how to work together as a couple. My husband and I happen to be opposites and with that comes many challenges. When we first started at counseling we didn’t know how to communicate effectively and we couldn’t seem to understand how the other person felt over a year into our marriage. It’s always going to be a learning and growing process, but Quinn gave us some great tools to work through the challenges that come up in life and in a marriage. We plan to continue seeing him when we hit rough patches and need a reminder or just some assistance getting through tough issues. He’s been great about checking in with us and we have really appreciated his help and guidance”. – K & N

“Quinn helped me through an extremely challenging part of my life, and did so with compassion and understanding. He took the time to get to know me and built a therapeutic relationship based on trust and respect; I could tell him anything and everything. This process of discovery has transformed my life and provided the foundation for an honest, happy and hope-filled future. Quinn is also accessible, responsive and flexible, and I highly recommend him”. – J

“My husband and I came to see Quentin for family counseling, seeking help to better understand our son’s addiction and to begin healing our family’s damaged relationships. We soon found that years of behavioral and emotional stresses had not only affected our family dynamics, but had damaged the relationship between the two of us. With Quentin’s guidance we began exploring the strong emotional bond that is necessary in a marriage for a couple to have a healthy, satisfying and intimate relationship. We learned and practiced new communication skills that not only improved our relationship, but we found these skills could also be used to improve all relationships that touched our lives. From our very first meeting we found Quentin easy to talk to, he showed compassion and was empathetic to any and all issues we had. He listened to the both of us, never taking sides as we worked through our differences. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Quentin to form a stronger, happier and more fulfilling marriage”. – M

“I highly recommend Quentin Hafner for those seeking support in subjects ranging from personal growth and development to the complex interactions of marriage. I met Quentin during a tumultuous period in a long-term marriage. I initially sought his insights in the spirit of “truth-seeking” – something in my relationship with my spouse did not feel right and my instinct was to seek the support of a professional. What I found was an abundance of insights and education about what drives our behaviors, how people interact, how our childhood affects who we are and react, the skills necessary to be successful in a relationship, and the importance of a support network. Additionally, I am now much wiser about how complex but important these topics are when trying to build and sustain a marriage. This endorsement of Quentin is also informed by interactions with several previous Marriage and Family Therapists who were not as well-skilled and did not provide this growth. I consider myself very fortunate to have met Quentin and again highly recommend contacting him if you are in need of similar support and growth”. – S

“A friend recommended Quentin to me.  I was at a really bad place in my life and my relationship with my wife was suffering. Quentin helped me to identify some of the issues that I needed to work through so that I could get to a point of being able to communicate with my wife. Our relationship is so much better now. I realize we still have areas that we need to work on but I honestly do not think we would have been able to hold it together without Quentin’s help.”- B

“It was so amazing to work with Quentin; he made me feel so at ease.  I feel like I could open up to him and share some of the more private issues me and my husband were going through.  He taught us how to communicate with each other so that we could get past this place we were stuck in and get back to the relationship that we had spent years building.”- J

“Quentin helped us to focus on our goals to keep us moving in the right direction toward mending our relationship.  His is so understanding and knowledgeable. Quentin provided coaching steps based on honesty and acceptance. He taught us how to work through our feelings without shame or feeling inadequate.  He was truly a blessing.”- P & L

“Quentin was able to identify the most basic elements missing in our relationship.  We had reached a point where communications were curt or nonexistent.  He helped us to open up to each other so that we could begin to communicate again. We were able to find that passion that we have always had together and see how important it is to our relationship.”- M & A

“I am still amazed at the emotional baggage my wife and I were carrying around for so many years.  I’m talking about baggage that we didn’t even realize that we came into the relationship with.  Quentin helped us to see how our past relationships were effecting how we respond to each other.  With Quentin’s help, we were able to work through our fears and learn to trust each other again.” – A

“When we first met with Quentin we were already discussing divorce.  He was our last effort at trying to work things out.  Honestly, I don’t think that either of us expected anything to come of our session. It was just one more thing to say we tried in order to save our marriage. After a few sessions with Quentin we agreed to set the talk of divorce aside and commit to working towards repairing our marriage.  It definitely takes work, but I will say it is the best investment we have made in our future.” – E

“Quentin’s ability to communicate with us individually and as a couple was the key to our successful therapy.  He made us feel comfortable enough to open up and really talk through our problems. We have worked with other therapists in the past but it always seemed so formal and polite.  This is the first time that we each felt represented and validated. We were able to really share our feelings, and be heard.” – B

“The first time I talked with Quentin I was in a mindset of feeling resigned to marriage.  We have two children, we both work, and life just kind of went on day after day. At some point in our marriage we got so tied up in being parents that we forgot to step back and take time for ourselves.  Quentin has helped us work through balancing our responsibilities and our emotional needs. He has helped us to put the spark back in our marriage. “- V

“Quentin has helped me learn how to talk to my wife instead of talking at her.  I am more present in our relationship now and it has really made a difference.  Quentin not only helps us to work through some harsh feelings, he also gave us some great communication tools. I know I am invested in keeping our communications open and my wife sees that now. I don’t think we could have made it this far without Quentin’s help and I am happy that we still have his guidance in keeping our relationship open and not sliding back into that trouble zone.” – R

“I can honestly be myself when I talk with Quentin.  I have always had issues with self esteem. Opening up in the first session with Quentin was like switching on a light.  My partner never understood this side of me because I was just unwilling to open up and leave myself vulnerable. I didn’t realize it but I was sending mixed signals and the miscommunication was leaving my partner feeling hurt and undervalued. My relationship now is so much more than I ever thought I deserved. I highly recommend Quentin to anyone that is struggling with any feelings of self worth or fear of communicating. All of these feelings are taking your energy away from your relationship.” – M

“With regards to couples counseling, Quentin is the most compassionate therapist I have ever worked with.  He offers sound advice and critical relationship building exercises.  After each session with Quentin our relationship grows and just keeps getting better.  I do not think there is anything that we cannot work through without his guidance.” – P

“One of the hardest things you can do is to prepare yourself to go sit in a stranger’s office and tell them all about how you have failed in your marriage. At least that is how I felt before I met Quentin.  Once I got in his office, I was so at ease. I just laid it all out there and he didn’t judge me or make me feel inadequate.  He helped me to understand my feelings and taught me how to accept them. With Quentin’s suggestions, I have learned how to communicate my feelings and work through them in a positive way. We don’t have arguments as often anymore, now it is more like a discovery exercise that helps us move through our differences in opinion.  I don’t know who is more shocked at how easily I communicate now, me or my wife!” – C

“We are so grateful for all that Quentin has done for us.  We are in such a healthier place now as individuals, and as a couple. It is amazing how with Quentin’s gentle guidance we have transformed our tumultuous relationship into this new wonderful happy place. I honestly did not believe that it would be possible when we first started this journey but I was willing to give it a chance. I am so glad that I did. Without Quentin’s help, I can say with certainty that I would be divorced right now instead of celebrating 15 years of marriage.” – S

“Quentin has been phenomenal in making use realize that it is not always enough to just recognize that there is a problem and to try and talk it out.  While of course this is important, it is equally important to uncover the underlying feelings that often have very little to do with what you ultimately label as the problem. By taking a hard look at ourselves we were able to identify our weak points and our strong points as a couple.  Quentin has helped us work through this together so that we strengthen each other instead of attacking one another’s weak point to make us feel strong as an individual. Now we have become stronger as a couple and it is a much better place to be.” – W

“I highly recommend Quentin to anyone that may be having problems in their relationship. He is so easy to work with because you are almost instantly at ease with him. I was able to talk to Quentin like he was an old friend.  I did not fear judgment or negative feedback. My husband was just as comfortable talking with Quentin. That is so important.  There really just is no way to make any solid progress if you are not comfortable enough to actually talk out the issues.  Trust me, we have seen other therapists and when only one of us felt comfortable talking; really only half the problem was uncovered.  Quentin recognizes this and makes it the focus of our sessions. It just feels like such a safe place that it was easy to open up and building that trusting relationship that we both needed. Thank you Quentin so much for all that you do for us.” – T

‘Hands down, the best decision we ever made in our marriage was to have that first session with Quentin. I think I expected a formal, rather clinical approach to outlining our basic problems in the marriage.  I was delighted when it turned out to be the exact opposite. Quentin helped to guide us through a very open and natural conversation to help identify the roadblocks we had unknowingly set up in our marriage.  There was no judgment and no accusations. Just an honest candid look at where we were and how we were going to get to the place we needed to be.” – D