Finding solutions to
personal relationship challenges.


As a licensed therapist, I take pride in guiding men and women to feel massively more content, create greater levels of peace, and generally feel much more satisfied about their relationships than ever before.

We achieve this through working together and understanding the very subtle but extremely important, and often overlooked, nuances in relationships that are at the root-cause of feeling frustrated, disconnected, or sometimes, downright ready to sever the relationship.

More than ever before, people need a trusted partner with relationship expertise to navigate the shifting relationships in our modern age. So much has changed regarding relationships, yet so much of the advice we receive from well meaning friends and family, including many counselors, is out-dated and doesn’t work.

From healthy communication that connects, to peaceful conflict resolution, to developing win-win parenting challenges, many people feel at a loss when relationship challenges begin to present themselves.

Here are a few of the common personal relationship challenges I help my clients solve

• Improving Intimacy & Emotional Connections
• Coping with Checked-Out & Disengaged Partners
• Relationship Driven Anxiety & Depression
• Healthy Communication Skill-Building
• Contemplating Divorce? Should I Stay, or Should I Go Marriage Evaluation
• Affair Recovery; Rebuilding After Infidelity
• Peaceful Conflict Resolution for Relationships
• Relationship Crisis Geared Toward Saving Your Marriage
• Substance Abuse Affecting Relationships

Past Client Testimonials

Hands down, the best
decision we ever made.

"I highly recommend Quentin Hafner for those seeking support in subjects ranging from personal growth and development to the complex interactions of personal & professional relationships."

This process of discovery has transformed my life.

"Quentin helped me through an extremely challenging part of my life. I could tell him anything and everything. This process of discovery has transformed my life and provided the foundation for an honest, happy and hope-filled future. Quentin is also accessible, responsive and flexible, and I highly recommend him."

What I found was an abundance of insights and education about what drives our behaviors.

"I am now much wiser about how complex and important these topics are when trying to build and sustain a relationship. This endorsement of Quentin is also informed by interactions with several previous therapist's and coaches who were not as well-skilled and did not provide this growth. I consider myself very fortunate to have met Quentin and again highly recommend contacting him if you are in need of similar support and growth."


If you are in a relationship and finding yourself struggling with a current challenge, you're in the right place. The focus of my work is two fold:

Helping people overcome current relationship challenges and develop the tools for meaningful and lasting connections that are sustainable for the long-term.

- Or -

Discover when these lasting connection are unlikely or not possible, and develop a strategy for necessary endings that is filled with civility, good will, and best possible outcomes.

Stay with me for a little while and I can help you move from feeling stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed, to feeling certain, peaceful, and joyful again.

If you’re currently trying to solve a seemingly unresolvable dilemma in your relationship on the home front, let’s start a conversation about how working together can result in
the positive changes you're looking for. Sometimes,
there's more hope than you feel at the moment.