Quentin Hafner

SOLUTIONS to relationship challenges FOR BUSY COUPLES with couples therapy


I take pride in working tirelessly until partners in relationships feel massively more content, have greater levels of peace, and generally feel much more satisfied to be together then ever before.

I achieve this by helping couples understand the very subtle but extremely important, and often overlooked, nuances in relationships that contribute to feeling frustrated, lonely, or sometimes, downright ready to leave the relationship.

More than ever before, couples need a roadmap to navigate their relationships in our modern age. So much has changed regarding relationships, yet so much of the advice we receive from well meaning people, including many marriage counselors, is too simple and outdated.

From navigating shifting gender roles, to changing spousal expectations, to how we share parenting responsibilities, many couples feel lost on “how to do it”.

if you're in a relationship and find yourself struggling, you're in the right place. the focus of my career has been helping people make meaningful and lasting connections that are sustainable for the long term.

hang with me for a little while and I can help you get there too.

If you're a husband...

and you feel like there’s nothing you can do to please her…

that she’s always frustrated with you…

and you’re always disappointing her…

Hang with me for a little while and I can help you change all of that.

If you're a wife...

and you feel like you’re not as important as you used to be…

that you don’t matter as much…

that you’ve been neglected and sidelined and

now you’re frustrated….you’ve landed in the right place too.


After working with thousands of people, I’ve become certain about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to happy and sustainable marriages. I’ve had the honor of helping thousands of clients trust me and share their stories with me and allow me to join them in fixing what was broken. I am humbly grateful for them allowing me into their lives.

I simply want to share with you what I’ve had the privilege of learning.

If you’re ready to take your relationship to a new level, or, if you’re currently trying to solve a seemingly unresolvable dilemma in your relationship, please fill in the contact form on my connect with me page and let’s start talking about how we can make that a reality for you. I would be honored to meet you, and would like to hear your story.