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The Hidden Secret To Discovering Your Unique Life’s Mission

At the heart of discovering your life’s Mission, is something called your unique value proposition (UVP).

Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is one of those nerdy terms you hear in business circles that just basically means this: what do you offer the world that is uniquely different from anyone else? What makes you special, different, and unique from everyone else out there? What can you do, that only you can do?

Even though the concept of UVP is thought of in business circles mostly, the cool thing is that it is not only relegated to your business.

You also have a UVP as a spouse, a parent, and a friend, and it’s one of the most useful things in life that we can get clear about. Because when we’re connected to our UVP, we’re connected to who God has uniquely created us to be; something that can never be taken from us.

In a conversation with a client recently who was struggling in his marriage, he told me that his wife wasn’t appreciative of his being a great financial provider. It’s a common story in marriage. What I explained to my client was that his wife fell in love with his UVP, not his ability to be a financial provider. That only he, and no one else in the entire world could offer her his UVP as a person. His uniqueness. His connection. His specialness. That was the true value proposition to his wife, not his ability to make money. I explained to him that making money, although a noble part of his role as a husband, was a commodity and could be easily replaced by millions of others.

But only his UVP was truly uniquely his to offer his wife.



If you think you would have a hard time articulating your UVP, I want to recommend you follow these steps and make sure you know, and can communicate your UVP to anyone who asks the question, Why you?”

And more importantly, that you can remind yourself of “Why you?”


1) Embrace Your Stake in the Ground:

Your UVP often lies in the things that you will put a stake in the ground for. Embrace your “planted flags” and passions. What problems are you obsessed with solving? What words do you think describe your approach to life and living? What are you “unrelenting” about? Fill in those gaps with your own words and you’re on your way to connecting to your UVP, and your mission.

Two very important questions to consider:

  1. What pisses you off?
  2. What breaks your heart?

2) Unabashedly Fish For Compliments:

Be sure to enlist the help of the people who know you best: family, friends, mentors. Ask them what strengths they see in you. What do they know about who you are and what makes you tick? Outside observers can often see things in us that we overlook in ourselves. And when you get the feedback from others on what they see as positively unique about you, double down on those things!

Someone recently told me that I was an incredible “teacher”. Prior to this comment, I never saw myself as a teacher and now I see how much teaching is truly part of my UVP.

3) Reflect on Your Superpowers:

Take quiet moments to reflect on the things that you’re really good at. What are the things you effortlessly excel at? Maybe it’s your knack for problem-solving in certain ways, your infectious positivity about certain things, or your ability to encourage and inspire certain people. Your superpowers are clues to your UVP. No one else has the culmination of these superpowers like you do.


Read: “What’s the point of success, without passion?”

4) Curate Your Success Stories:

What accomplishments have meant the most to you? Think about your proudest moments, both personally and professionally. What were you doing when you felt like a rockstar? These success stories can be windows into your unique abilities, and the things you find to be most valuable about yourself. Your UVP is always connected to your successes.

5) Craft Your Narrative:

Now that you have some thoughts swirling around possibilities for your UVP, spend some time creating a 30 second Mission statement that you can use at any moment of opportunity with others, and at any moment of opportunity when you find yourself needing reminding of how uniquely important you are.

I have a Mission Statement written down that I look at everyday, because I am a forgetful creature and need reminding. Reviewing this daily, dramatically orients how I show up in the world each day.

When you get more clear on your UVP, and subsequently, your Mission, your job is to sprinkle it like confetti everywhere in your personal and professional life. Let it shine in your projects, conversations, hobbies, relationships, social media and emails. The more you reinforce your Mission for yourself, the more it will guide your decisions and your choices, and the positive feedback loop this generates will result in a personal brand that will take you to a whole new level in every part of your life.

Tell me, what is your unique value proposition?

Here’s to your success,

Quentin Hafner

PS: if you’re not clear about your UVP, but would love to get that part of your life cemented, book a free discovery call with myself or one of my team members who can help you discover what is your, and only your, unique value proposition to the world.


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